Advertising on campus

To explore advertising opportunities on ViA campus or digital ecosystem, please get in touch with Elīna Miezite, marketing projects manager, by e-mail at [email protected] or call 2833779.

*Please note that VAT is not included in the below price list.

Type of advertisement Description Price
Banner in ViA e-mail system250x176 px 72,00 EUR/week
Banner in ViA intranet system250x176 px 72,00 EUR/week
Advertisement text via e-mails text 50,00 EUR/single insertion
A3 and A2 format poster placement
(university of applied sciences and dormitories)
 to 5 pieces 30,00 EUR to 1 month
if is used as well as electronic
Booklets, flyers placement in university premises for each 100 pieces 5,00 EUR to 1 month
Advertising billboard placement in university premises 1 piece 72,00 EUR to 1 month
Printed advertisement placement on ViA information boards (without photographs) to 30 words 3,00 EUR to 1 month
A5 and A4 printed advertisements on ViA information boards(with photographs) to 2 pieces 10,00 EUR to 1 month
Advertisement in Study Handbook (circulation ~ 800 copies. Handbook is issued on September 1 each year) 9x20 cm, black&white 50,00 EUR